Shipping/Delivery Information

Shipping / Delivery Policy

IMPORTANT NOTE: All your orders are moving slowly due to full restricted covid lockdown.Dont place any urgent orders.

  • Most orders will be shipped within 3-5 days of the placing day of placing order. While this is not guaranteed, in rare cases an order might ship beyond 5 days from the placing order. In case of any unseen delay, we will always notify you in advance.
  • While most of the orders will delivered on time, please note that there might be unexpected delivery delay caused by weather conditions or courier company ..etc. In such rare cases, we will call you and inform you about your order status.
  • We will email/whatsapp you the tracking details once the order is shipped.So you can track the product directly.
  • An estimated delivery time will be 7 to 10 working days (since the product is shipped) depending upon the shipping address. However, we are not responsible for the delivery delay caused by courier company or weather conditions that are not in our control.
  • After you receive tracking details, If you notice any delay in delivery even after 15 working days, kindly send an email to or whatsapp 8754856979 with your order number. Undelivered products that are not reported with in 15 working days since the date of product shipment will not be considered for refund later.
  • International Shopping  based on the product weight and country code shipping charges will differ.
  • if your county code is not available in our list kindly whatsapp personally to 8754856979 with the screenshot/picture of the product 
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